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Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What is virgin Hair?

 Virgin hair is hair that is completely unprocessed, with all the cuticles intact and running in the same direction. To qualify as virgin hair, it must meet rigorous standards including: not been permed, dyed, coloured, bleached, and chemically processed in any way

The harvesting process for virgin hair is more time consuming and meticulous, which adds to the premium value of virgin hair. Virgin hair can come from any person and any country, but some of the most popular ones include, Brazilian virgin hair, Peruvian virgin hair, Indian virgin hair, Malaysian virgin hair and Russian virgin hair.

 2. What is is the difference between Brazilian and Peruvian hair?

Peruvian hair is usually thicker and coarser in texture than Brazilian and Indian hair and blends well in medium Caucasian hair textures, as well as normal relaxed hair textures on Black women. It has the ability to look natural and full of volume even though the hair is lightweight. It is easy to maintain these extensions and these are ideal for straight hair styles as well as short and contemporary styles.

Brazilian hair comes available in a wide range of colors and lengths, and is often much shinier and silkier than Peruvian hair.  The hair can hold curls well, and is soft and smooth. Texture of Brazilian hair can vary from natural straight to bouncy body waves. The hair can last a long time if looked after well and does not require a lot of maintenance. The hair curls well and can be used with a number of different lengths and styles.

3. How many grams come in a bundle?

Each bundle of hair contains approximately 100 grams (3oz) of hair.

4. How many bundles would I need?

This will vary depending on the lengths you choose and the hairstyle you plan on doing. For a full head, a minimum of three bundles are recommended. If you are ordering hair longer than 20" then four or more bundles are recommended. We also recommend that you buy two bundles of the longest length in this case to avoid the ends appearing thin. 

5. How long does the hair last?

The life span of our Virgin hair all depends on how you care for the hair. If you follow our simple maintenance basics, along with using our recommended hair care products you can extend the life of your hair and get increased value from longer use.

6. What colour does the hair come in?

Virgin hair only comes in natural colours of the donors which is usually a dark brown colour. You can indicate in your note any remarks at the time of purchase what colour you would prefer, and we will try to match that the best we can but we do not guarantee colours.

7. Can the hairs be coloured?

Yes it can. Just be aware that after making colour changes to the hair, it will lose its status as virgin hair for obvious reasons and we advise that you use a professional colourist that specialises in colouring hair extensions.

8. Can I cut the weft?

Our wefts are not meant to be cut, if you need to cut your weft we recommend sealing the ends so that hair will not shed at point of cut.

9. Will my hair wave up again after I straighten it?

Yes it will, but the more you straighten the hair the more you will lose the pattern. It is important to remember that the hair is not attached to any cuticles so it no longer is receiving any nourishment, so if you continuously straighten you will relax the pattern just like you would with your own hair.

10. How do I prevent the ends from getting dry or frizzy

Always use a heat protector before applying any heat to the hair. Daily use of a leave-in conditioner is also highly recommended.

11. Why is my hair tangling?

Your hair extensions can tangle due to dryness, a build up of oil/grease/dirt, salt or sea water and not combing your hair daily. Remember to wash your hair at least once every two weeks. Also remember to condition your hair for a minimum of 30 minutes. 

12.  What is your return or exchange policy?

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13. How long does it take to ship and process the orders?

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