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Hair Care

 We recommend the following products for maintaining our range of hair.  Hair care directions are described below

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 1.  TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray

2.  Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

3.  Aphogee Pro Vitamin Leave-in Conditioner

4.  TRESemme Natural Moisture Shampoo and TRESemme Natural Moisture Conditioner

5.  Silicon Mix Intensive Hair Deep Treatment


How to Care For Your Hair

  • Keep the hair clean by washing at least twice a week with products from the recommended brands
  • Do not wash hairs too often as this will dry the hairs out.
  • Condition for at least an hour (24 hours if the hair has been bleached or dyed)
  • Wash the hair immediately after swimming, spa, and excessive exercise. When dirt and sweat accumulate, hair will tangle.
  • Never sleep on wet hair. Make sure your hair is completely dry before going to bed.
  • To avoid dryness and frizz let the hair dry naturally
  • Make sure to brush the hair daily and always start from the ends and work your way up
  •  Use a wide-toothed comb when combing the hair.
  • The hair can be bleached, dyed, straightened and curled but please use a heat protectant spray before applying heat to the hair. Bare in mind that just like your real hair, over processing your virgin hair can ruin it. Virgin hair is not miracle hair it needs to be looked after just like your natural hair.
  • To prevent shedding, avoid cutting the wefts of the hair. When the weft is cut, its grip on the hair is loosened
  • To keep your hair looking luscious it is very important to only use water-based or natural products. Avoid using oil or grease on the hair. Serums are better. Using oil or greasy products will weigh your hair down and cause tangling
  • prior to going to bed we recommend you wrap, braid, plait or roller set your hair
  •  for wavy and curly styles only comb the hair when it is damp. Combing it whilst it is dry will ruin the curl pattern


    When washing your hair

    • Make sure hair is completely combed through and de-tangled before washing.
    • Wash with cool to warm water. Excessive heat will lead to softening of the weft.
    • Make sure hairs are being washed in ONE direction (from scalp to ends) and avoid circular motions! This can lead to tangling.
    • Always use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner.
    • When conditioner is on the hair, leave it on for approximately five minute, and then comb through the hair starting from the ends. Rinse thoroughly.
    • Squeeze out excess water and leave to air dry Do not towel rub or twist the hair to dry. 


    When styling your hair
    • Do not overuse products on the hair. Too much leave-in conditioner and other hair care product will create a build up on the hair and will cause it to tangle.
    • The great thing about Virgin Human Hair is that you can style it as you would your own hair. You can colour or perm the hair. We suggest that you use a professional colourist that has worked with Virgin hair before or we suggest you use a cream colouring system that is not as harsh on the hairs. This will prolong the life of the hair.
    • You can brush, blow dry, curl with curling iron, straighten with a flat iron and style any way you’d like.
    • For Curly hair, be sure to brush the hair gently always from the bottom to the top daily and apply a leave-in conditioner as well as a curl activator so the hair is soft and moist and does not frizz.  If you do not apply a leave in curl conditioner the hair will start to frizz and become dry.